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A Festive Leather Affaire

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From Fimbi and Fabiene: Wonderful Fabulous Leather – handcrafted in NamibiaJewellery, luscious fabric/leather cushions and bags, and many many more.

Christmas in the Sand

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Susi Asmus, Margit Calegari, and Nockels Werner Brace yourself for an immersive journey into the world of Namibian artistry as three distinguished artists – Susi Asmus, Margit Calegari, and Nockels Werner – come together to host a unique pop-up store that promises to dazzle and inspire. From 3rd to 31st of October 2023, this limited-time […]

Mahangu Inspired Art 2023

Craft Centre Namibia

‘Mahangu Inspired Art 2023’ Batik Exhibition by Tom Kenesi Duration: 1 – 30 September 2023 Indigenous Batik Exhibition by Tom Kenesi: Celebrating Art, Culture, and Community Tom Kenesi, known for his exceptional batik craftsmanship, brings his latest collection to art enthusiasts and the public under the theme “Mahangu Inspired Art 2023.” This year’s exhibition revolves […]

Christmas in July: Best of 40 Years

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For this year’s Christmas in July, the ‘IKhoba team has something special planned. This year’s theme will run under the theme ‘Best of 40 years’ and will showcase some of the best designs from the I’khoba Textile project, as well as, a collection of Christmas-themed decor and crafts made purely from natural materials

Jingle All Ze Wäy

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It’s an exciting time of the year again at the Omba Gallery:Over the past 12 months Susi, Margit and Nockels have been putting their labour of love into appealing handmade creations. Susi’s stunning Christmas decorations offer a playful variety of winged wooden animals, lovingly decorated Christmas wreaths, greeting cards and jewellery – all composed with […]

The Environment of Namibia

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Step into the breathtaking prints of Namibia through the captivating lino print exhibition by Elia Shiwoohamba. This exhibition brings together his work of various aspects of Namibian landscapes and culture, offering a unique and immersive experience into the environment of Namibia.

40 Years of !Ikhoba

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The !Ikhoba Project: A Legacy of Empowerment and Culture The !Ikhoba Project is a story of empowerment, tradition, and creativity. It all started in 1983 when the Lacheiner sisters, Karin, Ute, and Heidi, began producing children’s clothing inspired by local Namibian styles for the annual Windhoek Christmas market. The handcrafted items…

Christmas Craft Fair

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Experience the joy of the season at the Namibia Craft Centre’s Christmas Craft Fair – a celebration of creativity, craftsmanship, and holiday spirit. The last exhibition for the year, and going into 2023. Please check out gifts and decor for the big days- will definitely save you time with a beautiful selection.


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From exquisite designs inspired by luxury to creations that capture the spirit of real-life events, Colours by Alatu Sauki brings you a kaleidoscope of colours, fabrics, and styles. Indulge in the essence of Namibian and African fashion and experience a fusion of creativity, cultural heritage blended with tradition and contemporary allure.

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