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Fimbi Leather Arts

Elsie Imhof, self-taught designer and owner of Fimbi Leather, used her deep-rooted appreciation for the outdoors in Namibia and her knowledge of different animal skins as a tour guide to create her popular eye range. Fun and attractive leather goods. Each piece is unique and a dream come true for leather lovers and collectors. Wide, loose-cut design lines appeal to avant-garde and ultra-chic.

After her successful art exhibition, Imhof started Fimbi Leather Arts and to this day, she draws inspiration for her product designs from her immediate surroundings. Her designs are no-frills and no-frills. These are nothing more than high-quality skins that have been converted into well-made, sturdy items that are perfect for everyday use. One example is the leather book cover. A range of meticulously stitched top-quality and impeccable leather is revealed, perfect for top-level corporate stationery.

Fimbi Leather Art is Elsie Imhof’s personal touch behind the irresistible sensuality of her durable creations, featuring technology, special occasions and comfortable colours for children, leather and leather for both gendersFimbi Leather Art has successfully expanded its business and now employs four women from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

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