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Glenda’s Art in Leather

Glenda Meinert creates original wildlife and figurative art using carefully selected premium leathers. Due to the nature of leather, composition, layout, design and selection require careful planning. She is inspired by the wildlife and landscapes of Africa and Namibia.

Glenda started her professional career as a designer and maker of her patterns at Nacala, Namibia’s largest tannery and manufacturer of leather goods, designing her Miss Her Namibian outfits.

In her spare time, she experimented with leftover leather, making greeting cards and small landscape paintings to give to her friends. Encouraging a positive response inspired Glenda to experiment with leather in larger landscapes, eventually leading to the creation of animal art.

In June 2010, Glenda opened her Glenda’s Leather and Art Curio Boutique at her Center for Crafts in Namibia, fulfilling her dream of opening her own art shop. Their leather has a tactile appeal and durability, allowing customers to interact directly with the artwork through touch.

Glenda’s Leather Art and Curio Boutique can customize leather art to customer specifications.

Tags: Art

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