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On their family farm in northern Namibia, sisters Heide, Karin, and Ute Lacheiner began the !Ikhoba Textile Project in 1983. !Ikhoba is the San word for the antelope known as an “Oryx” or “Gemsbok” in Namibia.

The Lacheiner sisters made decided to establish a long-term market for women’s needlework goods.400 women at once contributed needlework to the Ikhoba Textile Project. The spouses of farmworkers created distinctly Namibian needlework that was frequently influenced by animals. Each embroiderer made one-of-a-kind embroidered pieces while working at her own pace in the comfort of her own home. These pieces were afterwards cleaned and sewed into gorgeous bedspreads, T-shirts, tablecloths, wall hangings, pillow covers, and table mats, to mention a few.

The surface fabrics are 100% cotton and machine-washable.
The finished, embroidered products are marketed to the public through several local outlets, including the Namibia Craft Centre.

In 2006, the project headquarters relocated to Swakopmund where Heide Lacheiner-Kuhn and Mildred Kehrmann continue to manage, market and innovate around the !Ikhoba brand of products has an impressive range of products that currently includes around 300 items.

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