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Matukondjo Dolls

Out Of Katutura is a collaboration of two projects, the IYaloo Project and the Matukondo Doll Project.

The IYaloo Project was started in 2005 by four unemployed women of Katutura. Kornelia, Beata, Maria and Emilia combined their skills to alter, repair clothing and make pet baskets for cats and dogs, and later expanded to include the production of beanbags. While making beautiful beanbags, the IYaloo women also started making unique and interesting handbags using discarded vinyl LPs.

The Matukondjo Dolls Project was founded in 2003 by a former kindergarten teacher, the original eight members of the Matukondjo Dolls Project are still the primary producers of a charming collection of 100% child-friendly rag dolls.

The range of includes a Big Mama doll, a Sister Baby doll and a Simple Doll Dress. Each of the women involved in the making of the dolls uses her own cultural approach to design and decorate the dolls and not long after, smaller dolls such as the Twin Baby and Back Baby were added to the range.

The Matukondjo dolls are sold at the Namibia Craft Centre, the Penduka shop in Katutura, by the Gondwana Collection of lodges, Wolwedans Estate and Mushara Lodge.

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