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Miracle Arts & Crafts

Miracle Arts & Crafts is a relatively small stall in the Namibia Crafts Centre but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for with a resplendent and truly amazing variety of small to medium sized handicrafts from every imaginable corner of Namibia.

The woman behind this ‘tiny shopping mall’ of crafts is Elisabeth Hangara, a crafter herself. Elisabeth has a generous, curious and creative spirit which manifests itself in the depth of the range of crafts in the stall. Everything and anything you can imagine from ear adornments, bangles, postcards, greeting cards, handmade paper, Namibian flags and key-rings, scarves to hand-embroidered cushion covers, placemats, ceramics, wire craft, wood craft…the list is endless. She so thoroughly immerses visitors to her stall in the variety of craft products available in Namibia.

Miracle Arts & Crafts does not present a particular perspective of the local craft industry; it genuinely offers the widest possible range of perspectives, forms and aesthetics of crafts one could possibly encounter in any one place. A busy little space, every nook and cranny stocked, visitors and tourists are forgiven for lingering while browsing through layers of complimentary and opposing craft products at this fascinating stall.

Elisabeth Hangara tends to the stall herself and her friendly manner matched by a magnanimous spirit makes for easy chatting and a truly pleasurable shopping experience. Her many of years of crafting, local connections and experience in the craft sector in Namibia, serve as the foundation for her genuine appreciation and love of quality crafty gifts.

If you are looking for something unique and very different by way of local crafts, be sure to make your way to the Miracle Arts & Crafts stall in the Namibia Crafts Centre and spend a few words with a Namibian crafter whose enthusiasm is infectious.

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