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Oasa Taradi Trust

The distinctive embroidery of Oasa Taradi is the result of years of careful cultivation and dedication. Unique, bold, eye-catching and well executed, the beautifully embroidered cushion covers, tablecloths, serviettes, aprons and placemats of Oasa Taradi are the finished products of underprivileged women in Namibia.

‘Oasa Taradi’ means ‘busy women’ in Nama/Damara, an indigenous Namibian language. The trust developed from a sewing project started by the Red Cross in 1989. The project engaged underprivileged Namibian women to sew and repair clothing using sewing machines donated by the Red Cross. The women involved with the project were unemployed, heads of their households, sole caretakers of their children and breadwinners of their families.

In 1993, the Oasa Taradi Trust was established with the support of local and international volunteers who saw the project and the products had potential. The women involved with the Trust may opt to work from home or at the trust centre and are paid per finished article, adhering to strict quality standards. A total of 14 Namibian women are currently beneficiaries of the trust and consistently produce embroidered articles of exceptional quality.

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