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Sara’s Saran

Sara Basson hailing from Leonardville (a village in eastern Namibia) produces a variety of functional decorative pieces. her products include a variety of products such as doilies with beaded accents, dolls, placemats and mobiles etc. Sara was taught by her mother who not only instilled the gift of craft to her but also her work ethic. After moving to Windhoek, she initially sold her craft just as a street vendor before becoming part of the craft centre.

The curios and crafts at her stall, Sara’s Saran, draw inspiration from Sara’s surroundings in Leonardville, almost untouched by her urban surroundings. Her intricate detail especially on smaller items shows an endearing quest for quality as shown by the pristine finishing on her doilies and knitted items.

Sara vows to continue producing handmade crafts until the day she is physically not able to do so. Creating with her hands is her gift and calling. Each item at Sara’s Saran is made with love and is entirely unique; the manifestation of the brave and creativity of one Namibian woman’s creativity.

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